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2023-08-27 05:05:42


One of the EXID members, Junghwa, started her acting career through One the Woman (2021). Since then until now, he has been involved in several Korean drama projects. The latest is Mask Girl which is a Netflix original production.

(This article may contain spoilers)

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Junghwa played a character named Lee Ahreum in Mask Girl. Her appearance in the first two episodes was considered very brave because Junghwa as Lee Ahreum’s character had a sex scene with her co-star, Daniel Choi.

The scene is short, but becomes the key to the storyline at the beginning of Mask Girl. Lee Ahreum is told to have a forbidden relationship with Park Gi Hun, played by Daniel Choi.

At first Ahreum looked like an office worker whose appearance contrasted herself with Kim Mo Mi. But in the course of the story it turns out that he is keeping a secret. Kim Mo Mi caught Ahreum having sex with Daniel Choi in the meeting room.

Junghwa’s decision to take on a role in Mask Girl was very brave. Especially as the maknae in the EXID group, Junghwa’s image is synonymous with an innocent and cute figure. But at an increasingly mature age and in her 11th year of career, Junghwa stepped confidently as an actress by carrying out vulgar scenes.

Mask Girl itself is a Korean drama directed by director and scriptwriter Kim Young Hoon. This Drakor was adapted from a webtoon with the same title written by Mae Mi. Produced in 7 episodes, Mask Girl can be watched since August 18, 2023.

Kim Yong Hoon describes the characters he wrote in Mask Girl as images of hurting and marginalized individuals. Then they are all tied up in a murder mystery. There’s a blurred line between good and evil in the ambiguous narrative he creates for Mask Girl.

Ko Hyun Jung, Nana, Ahn Jae Hong appear in Mask Girl. Yeom Hye Ran (who was plucked from the series The Glory) was also hooked up to play Kim Kyung Ja.


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