Masked people are said to have attacked a political meeting in Stockholm

The theme of the meeting was “the emerging fascism”, according to the Expo foundation, which participated. The Left Party’s press service states that they organized the meeting together with the Green Party.

Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson from the Moderate party was quick to comment on the incident.

– An attack on a political meeting is an attack on our entire democracy, he says in a statement to the news agency TT.

The police are tight-lipped about the incident.

– I can confirm that we are on the scene, but cannot say what it is about, says press spokesperson Nadya Norton to TT.

According to Expo, masked Nazis must have entered the venue just before the start of a lecture.

“The Nazis attacked, both with physical violence against visitors and with defense spray, and they vandalized the premises, before throwing a form of smoke grenade that filled the foyer with smoke,” writes the foundation.

The Left Party also describes the perpetrators as Nazis.

The party’s group leader in the Riksdag, Samuel Gonzalez Westling, was to take part in a panel debate and arrived at the scene immediately after the perpetrators had left.

– I am terribly upset. It is completely unacceptable that we should have to live in a society where you have to be afraid of being exposed to racism and fascism. The important thing is that the police take it seriously, he says.

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2024-04-24 23:07:34

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