Masks, gowns, hydroalcoholic gel… The luxury sector to the rescue

The luxury sector, hard hit by the cessation of production and the closure of its stores, wants to show its commitment to the fight against coronavirus. In France, Italy and the United States, big names in fashion have expressed their support for the hospital and research sectors.

The factories of the Italian group Armani have thus changed models. They are now all dedicated to manufacturing single-use medical coveralls for medical personnel in Italian hospitals, the company announced on Thursday. Giorgio Armani, who had chosen to organize his last Milanese parade behind closed doors before broadcasting it on the Internet on February 24, also made several donations, totaling 2 million euros, to hospitals in the North of France. ‘Italy.

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Like Armani, the LVMH group puts its know-how at the service of the fight against Covid-19. He recently announced that his perfume and cosmetic factories are now focused on making hydroalcoholic gel for hospitals. The LVMH group also communicated about a donation of 10 million masks (for a value of 5 million euros) to French hospitals, the distribution of which will be organized by Santé publique France, an organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. These masks from China are expected to be delivered in the coming days. “Thanks to the efficiency of its global network, LVMH has managed to find a Chinese industrial supplier capable of delivering 10 million masks to France in the coming days (7 million surgical masks and 3 million FFP2 masks)”, said the group in a statement. The same quantity of masks could be delivered in the next four weeks, but in this case, the state would bear their cost. The group owned by Bernard Arnault had already donated 2.2 million euros to the Chinese Red Cross.

Kering in France, Gucci and Prada in Italy, Ralph Lauren in the United States

After making a donation, the amount of which has not been disclosed to the Institut Pasteur to support research on the Covid-19, the Kering group also announced a donation of 3 million surgical masks to French hospitals. Purchased in China, they must be delivered to France these days. In a press release, the group led by François-Henri Pinault, assured that part of its factories would also work to equip the staff of hospitals in the country: “The French workshops of the Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent houses are preparing to manufacture masks, in compliance with the strictest health protection measures for their employees, as soon as the processes and materials have been approved by the competent authorities.” In Italy, Gucci (Kering) indicated that it was launching the production of 1.1 million masks and 55,000 gowns for Italian hospital staff.

Prada currently produces 80,000 medical suits and 110,000 masks for Italian caregivers. The equipment, made in one of its factories in the Perugia region in the center of the country, will be delivered daily to hospitals until April 6.

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In the United States, the Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation is donating 10 million dollars (9.1 million euros), part of which will be dedicated to the help of its employees hardest hit by the coronavirus as well as to the World Health Organization (WHO). The Ralph Lauren brand is expected to produce 250,000 masks and 25,000 overalls in its factories.

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