Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered spotted at Portuguese retailer – News

In 2014, a rumor announcing the arrival of Mass Effect Trilogy on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One made a lot of talk before falling into oblivion. Six years later, this same rumor is gaining momentum! A Remastered version of Mass Effect Trilogy has been spotted at a Portuguese retailer.

Once again, it is the very informed Nibel who shares the news with us on Twitter. The game Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered was spotted earlier today on the internet pages of a Portuguese site: Web Gaming Replay.

As you can see by looking at the tweet above, this famous page indicates a release of the trilogy on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for € 59.99, and on Nintendo Switch for € 49.99. The game’s cover, which is not final, also features the original logo of the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC version of the trilogy. Unfortunately, the web page has since been deleted.

Note that this new information is not official, you have to take your trouble patiently and wait for a potential speech from Electronic Arts to be sure.

Mass Effect Trilogy: Three games in one on PC, PS4 and Xbox 360

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