Massa opens the game: if he wins he wants “a unity government with radicals and PRO Peronists”

2023-08-20 18:37:00

Any account made by the three presidential candidates with chances of coming to power gives the same result: with their own votes it is not enough. And so this weekend Sergio Massa, who balances his role as economy minister dealing with problems, and UxP presidential candidate who promises solutions, threw nets stating that if he wins in October he will “convene a government of national unity.” and that he would integrate his cabinet with “radicals and Peronists who are now in the PRO.” He even invited to “share the dream of those who voted for (Juan) Grabois, Horacio (Rodríguez Larreta) and those who do not share the idea of ​​all or nothing that (Patricia) Bullrich raised.”

Looking ahead to the campaign for the next two months, Massa considered that “without a doubt he would seek a government of national unity and integrate a cabinet with radicals and Peronists who are now in the PRO,” according to the Télam agency.

In addition, the channel of the Renewal Front, said that the proposals of Javier Milei, of Libertad Avanza (LLA), and Patricia Bullrich, of Together for Change (JxC), lead him to “convene a Government of national unity, more broad, with radicals, with Peronist leaders who accompanied Horacio (Rodríguez Larreta), with independent sectors”.

Regarding the percentage obtained in the PASO, Massa pointed out that “when you vote for president, you vote for people, it is not the sum of political forces”, and stated that in October he will seek to “invite everyone who voted for ( Juan) Grabois, to all those who voted for Horacio (Rodríguez Larreta) and who clearly do not share the idea of ​​’all or nothing’ that Bullrich raised.”

Along the same lines, the economy minister added: “There are leaders of other political forces, from Juan Schiaretti’s space, who would not sound illogical if they were officials of my government. I would like to see many of those who made up the Horacio lists in JvC on October 22”.

Regarding his possible voters in October, he analyzed that “there are many Peronists who at some point became disenchanted and there are also many radical defenders of public schools, free universities, upward social mobility in Argentina who have nothing to do with Bullrich and have much more to do with me, with the original identity of the Renewal Front”.

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After the public support that Mauricio Macri gave Milei, Massa analyzed that with this action the former president “decided to destroy JxC and push everyone” with the libertarian leader. And he stressed that “the worst part of Macri and Milei’s game is the lack of respect for Horacio’s voters and the radicals.”

The candidate for president of Unión por la Patria classified the support of the former president as “a lack of respect” from Mauricio Macri to Patricia Bullrich. And he added: “it is part of the anger or the anguish and the resignation of (Elisa) Carrió” to her candidacy as Paralasur deputy.

Before the consultation on the proposals of each sector, the Minister of Economy reiterated that Milei and Bullrich “raise the same thing” and maintained that “they would both dream of Macri as a plenipotentiary minister for the world, obtaining investments. Milei was encouraged to say it, Patricia still No”.

To close, Sergio Massa warned that Macri “ends up more inclined to try to play as a fetish with his new toy Milei”.

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