Massey Momentum planter has a new version

Massey Ferguson launches new version of the Momentum planter at Expodireto Cotrijal

Attentive to the diverse reality of Brazilian agriculture, Massey Ferguson, a reference in the national agricultural market, launches a new version of the Momentum planter (folding) at Expodireto Cotrijal 2023 (Não-Me-Toque, RS, March 6-10). With 18, 20, 22 and 24 rows spacing 45 centimeters and 50 centimeters, the implement now covers a larger number of rural producers who seek efficiency, sustainability and profitability.

“We listened to our customer and brought options to support more segments and all sizes of producers, who need a smaller machine, but don’t give up high technology. Our goal is to offer producers in regions with more inclined and rugged areas, an intelligent, high-quality planting solution that delivers added value and with less impact on the environment”, highlights Alexandre Stucchi, Massey Ferguson sales director.

With integrated technologies, planting solution formed by the new Momentum planter and MF 8S tractor increases productivity in inclined or uneven areas, common in the South region

Launched in 2019, initially with a larger number of lines (24, 30 and 40), Momentum revolutionized the planter market in Brazil, especially in large properties. The planter opened up a new segment of easy-to-transport, high-performance implements that deliver extremely high results for the producer. The new versions offer the same quality of operation in the field, but with the addition of technologies and tools to further increase productivity in the field.

The new version of Momentum features a system for distributing weight across the chassis, so the producer adjusts and calibrates the machine from inside the cabin, so that the central load is distributed equally across the chassis of the planter to the side ends, which results in in a better performance in hilly areas, providing homogeneous depth of seed deposition and improvement in planting quality. The technology is offered with customizable weight distribution levels, which can be defined by area.

Planting solution consisting of the new Momentum planter and the MF 8S tractor

In addition to the new look, Momentum Massey Ferguson presents a novelty in the fertilizer system, which now operates with vApply Granular, a Precision Planting® fertilizer control technology that manages the fertilizer in two sections, reducing it by up to 50% the waste of fertilizers.

Produced at the factory in Ibirubá (RS), the new version maintains the same already known transport versatility, the planter is 3.6 meters long, without the need to disassemble any component, and can pass through gates and bridges with ease and safety. The opening and closing time is less than 1.5 minutes, providing agility in moving the machine or working in different areas of the property, resulting in increased planting time.

“Now with a complete Momentum series, we are able to offer planting solutions for the entire country, with the best quality on the market, regardless of region and need”, says Stucchi.

The new models make the perfect combo with the MF 8S tractor, winner of Farm Machine 2022 in the 180 to 400 hp tractor category, which will also be launched in Brazil during the fair. Both have technologies that are integrated, facilitating the work and bringing excellent results. The series was developed after interviews with customers and operators around the world.

For example, for planting to take place with the ideal parallelism between rows, an automatic pilot system is required to guarantee the planter passes with the lowest possible error. This work is carried out using the MF Guide, Massey Ferguson’s autopilot solution present in the tractor.

Another solution incorporated in the MF 8S is the MF Connect, a fleet monitoring system that, as in a Formula 1 car, transmits all machine information to a central that helps the producer and dealership to assess machine conditions, enabling that the concessionaire offers a personalized service to the producer.

Available in the MF 8S.245 and MF 8S.265 models, with powers of 245hp and 265hp, respectively, the series features the new Dyna-7 automatic transmission, which provides easy and efficient operation with a total of 28 forward gears. and 28 aft in four groups and seven uninterrupted gears.

The unique Protect-U design, with 24 centimeters of space between the cab and the engine, isolates the interior from unwanted noise, heat and vibrations, providing operator comfort and quiet operation. The ‘MF vDisplay’ terminal, fitted to the right column, leaves only the steering wheel and Power Control lever in front of the operator, providing exceptional forward visibility over the bonnet. The Control Center armrest gives you full machine control, and the single screen system controls tractor functions and manages all Massey Ferguson precision farming technologies.

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