Massive Fire Engulfs Production and Warehouse Building in Nevsky District, St. Petersburg | Updated News and Live Updates

2023-09-12 20:04:25

Dozens of firefighters are fighting a fire that broke out in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg on September 12. Cardboard is on fire in a production and warehouse building.

As reported by the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in St. Petersburg, the signal about a fire on Latvian Strelkov Street was received by the duty officer at 21:21. The outbreak was found in two-story building No. 29, building 4B.

Judging by the maps, there are trading and construction companies, a company installing utility networks, and also a company that deals with helium cylinders.

According to the department, cardboard packaging is on fire, the area of ​​the fire is being determined. It was assigned the additional number 1-BIS – the first of five increased difficulty levels. 58 firefighters were involved in the fire extinguishing.

“There have been no reports of casualties at this time,” the Ministry of Emergency Situations clarified.

UPD: At 22:20 the rank of the fire was raised to number 2.

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