Massive reminder: above all, do not eat these pies contaminated with listeria!

This year has been marked by many things. Between inflation, shortages, the drought of this almost unprecedented summer, but also the number of massive recalls that France is undergoing. Indeed, more and more products seem questioned. All with the common point of representing a danger to the health of consumers. But these products do not always remain food products. It happens that some are even products electronics. But this time, it is in the food that the problem arises. Traces of listeria would be found in pies. We’ll explaine everything here.

The massive recall

So, you will have to be careful and check your purchases if you have recently set your sights on pie. Indeed, some of these products can present a danger high for consumer health. It turns out that so that traces of Listeria were found. And the latter can quickly degenerate and have disastrous consequences on consumer health.

It is thus the site Rappel conso of the government which gave the alert on this massive recall. This Friday, the site explained that this pie is sold in many major stores. We thus find Metro, Carrefour, IntermarchéLeclerc, Relais d’Or, and collective catering distributors.

In all, there are still nearly 14 products affected by this massive recall. The list is long. “PC SUCCES SV”, the “PC LE BOURGUIGNON SV”, the “PC GOURMET SV”, the “PC RICHELIEU TRAD”, the “PC RICHELIEU CANARD SV PC”, the “PC JAMBON PISTACHE S/V”, the “PC AUX MORELS SV”, the “PISTACHE DUCK CRUSTED PASTE SV”, the “PC LABEL ROUGE TRADITION SV”, the “SEASONAL CRUSTED PASTE”, the “MM PC CHICKEN MOUTARDE SV”, the “PC TRUFFLES SV”, the “PC RICHELIEU TRAD PTR S/TAL SV” and finally the “PC RESTAURATION 55G X 18TR”. For everyone, the deadline va between October 29 and November 12 of this year.

What to do

So, if you think you may have had the pie recently, you should check your product to find out whether or not it is part of this massive recall. To do this, you can go to the Conso reminder site. On the latter you will find all of the information relating to the product. That it remains its batch number, its name, its barcode

If you ever realize that you have a product affected by a massive recall, you are of course invited not to consume it. You can choose to destroy it or to take it back to the store pour get you reimbursed. The recall procedure goes until October 28, after that, you will no longer be able to get reimbursed.

The Auchan brand, a second reminder

But a second massive recall also takes place. It concerns the pie of the Auchan brand. He is named “RICHELIEU CRUST DOUGH 2 SLICES”. Thus, the products concerned are those with a GTIN number “3596710178957”. The prizes are “227201”,”227301”, “227701”, “227701” and the DLC goes between November 4 and 9 of this year. For all questions, a number remains in place. It’s about “”. Here too, the cause remains the presence listeria junk which can make you sick. So, if after consumption, you show the slightest sign of weakness, you need to see a doctor immediately and let him know.

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