Mastering Effective Communication and Pitching Techniques with Luciano: Strategies for Striking Every Time

2023-11-01 08:10:13

Communication with training Luciano “Pitches that always get strikes”

On the 1st, Giants’ new manager Shinnosuke Abe revealed his “bad words” as a manager. Autumn training camp in Miyazaki has started, and in the morning I observed the pitchers’ bullpen pitching. He listed the forbidden words when serving as a first-team manager.

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In the bullpen, he was often seen calling out to players under development. He said, “Many of the kids were seeing it for the first time,” but he remained tight-lipped about what it actually looked like. “I’ll try not to say that he was good in the bullpen. I’ve seen a lot of bullpen aces. I think he pitched in a game and didn’t score well. I don’t judge him at all over there (in the bullpen).” These words come from wearing a mask on the front lines for many years.

He communicated with Elvis Luciano, a 23-year-old developmental player who pitched in 25 games for the Blue Jays in 2019, through an interpreter. “He had a variety of pitches. He had a variety of pitches, but I wanted him to have two breaking balls and a pitch that would always get a strike. I told him what I wanted.” The team’s ERA of 3.39 is fifth in the league. He looks at the pitching staff from the perspective of a coach who has served as a regular catcher.

(Masaya Kotani)

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