Matthias Reim: Family Man with Seven Children and Counting

2023-08-09 16:01:15

Matthias Reim already has seven children from six different women. He welcomed a daughter with his wife Christin Stark in March 2022. Now the hit star spoke about further family planning.

Stockach – Matthias Reim (65) made headlines throughout his career not only with his music but also with his private life. The hit star has already had four marriages, and he is currently married to his colleague Christin Stark (33). In March 2022 their first daughter was born. Little Zoe was the seventh child for the singer. Is there even an eighth in the pipeline?

“We can still do it”: Matthias Reim about his desire to have children

As far as his role as a father is concerned, Matthias Reim is critical of himself. With his patchwork family and seven children, the “Damn, I love you” interpreter is busy, one would think. In an interview with The New Leaf the 65-year-old spoke about his baby planning – and it doesn’t seem to be over yet.

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In fact, Matthias Reim seems to leave the decision to his wife Christin Stark. “I always say never say never. If my wife should come up with the idea of ​​wanting another little brother or sister for Zoe, then we’ll manage that too,” the musician blurted out. An eighth baby seems to be quite conceivable.

Matthias Reim and his wives

Matthias Reim is married to Christin Stark for the fourth time. Their daughter was born in March 2022. His first wife was Miriam Reim, with whom he has a son (*1987). He was then married to Margot “Mago” Scheuermeyer for eight years. Julian Reim (*1996), who is also known as a pop singer, comes from the marriage. From 1999 to 2001 Matthias Reim was in a relationship with the musician Michelle. Although they did not step in front of the altar, they have a daughter together. Marie Reim (* 2000) has also made a name for herself as a pop singer. His third marriage to Sarah Stanek lasted from 2004 to 2013. This resulted in a son (* 2004) and a daughter (* 2008). Matthias Reim only found out about another illegitimate daughter (* 1973) in 2015.

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“Great relationship with everyone”: Matthias Reim is an absolute family man

The musician enjoys his family happiness to the fullest. “I can say that I have good contact with all my children. He is perhaps a little more intense with my son Julian because he lives only three kilometers away. But I have a great relationship with everyone,” said Reim.

Pop star Matthias Reim already has seven children from six women. Can he imagine another baby with his wife Christin Stark? © IMAGO / Stephan Wallocha & IMAGO / STAR MEDIA

The native of Hesse also spoke openly about his upbringing. Matthias Reim knows that he lets his children get away with a lot and describes himself as “not educationally valuable”. Sources used: The New Leaf

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