Maxim Lapierre points to Jonathan Toews

“It’s disgusting. It is unthinkable. I can not believe it!”

Maxim Lapierre had a lot to say about the Chicago Blackhawks file on TVA Sports on Friday.

The analyst dumped his gall on the organization, but mainly on the 20 Hawks players who were aware of the situation and decided to do nothing to help Kyle Beach.

“We can judge Joel Quenneville, we can judge Stan Bowman, but as a former player, I will judge the 20 players who are in the locker room,” said Lapierre.

The one who notably wore the uniform of the Montreal Canadiens during his career pointed out the inaction of the captain of the Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews.

“He’s been a guy I’ve respected my whole career, but it’s gone today,” said the ex-striker. He is the captain, it is up to him to take charge. Yes, these are hard things to do, but they are things to do. If you are a leader you do it. ”

“The people I know around me, whether it’s Guillaume Latendresse, whether it’s me, Patrice Brisebois, Francis Bouillon, Steve Bégin. These guys would have stood up. I can guarantee it. ”

While a young Hawks prospect, Beach was sexually assaulted in 2010 by team video manager Brad Aldrich. The entire organization would then have looked up at this story in order to focus on winning the Stanley Cup.

Beach has also claimed to have been the victim of taunts and mockery from some veterans of the club.

“Maybe champions on the rink, but far away outside of the rink. What this young man suffered is unacceptable, ”said Lapierre.

“Where was the Players’ Association? We’re here to defend big contracts, the salary cap, but when it’s something that ruins a life like that, where was she? Mouth open, I don’t even know what to say about it. “

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  1. You were not in the locker room. There is a saying “No one knows what’s in a marriage”
    You weren’t in the room. I’m a father and I can say that if that happen to my son I would have gone directly to Rocky Weirtz
    to inform him about the abuse to my son.
    Can’t say exactly what I would have done to Brad Aldridge.


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