Máximo Kirchner will reappear: he will attend the relaunch of Massa’s campaign in Tucumán

2023-09-08 02:32:00

The national deputy maximum kirchner will reappear this Saturday in Tucumán together with the candidate for president of Unión por la Patria, Sergio Massain what will be the relaunch of the campaign of the Minister of Economy for the general elections on October 22.

The son of Vice President Cristina Kirchner has maintained a silence similar to that of his mother in the campaign, before and, above all, after the poor performance of Peronism in the PASO last Augustand has not appeared in public since the night of the vote, when he was in the bunker where Unión por la Patria waited for the results, in the Chacarita neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Now, Máximo will be shown together with Massasomething that has been claimed by various leaders of the ruling party who They do not agree with the distant positions and the silence of the deputy and the former presidentwho are asking for more commitment to get into the ballot.

Maximo Kirchner and Sergio Massa.

Massa reactivates his campaign for October 22

The Tigrense, after the PASO, was doomed to the negotiations to close the agreement with the IMF and launch a package of measures to contain the impact of the devaluation.

For this reason, from now on he will activate the campaign for October 22, in which he will have to rise at least one place compared to what happened in the primaries to be between the two candidates who would go to a possible ballot.

It was still unknown if Máximo Kirchner would give a speech at the event with Massa and the governors who promoted the candidacy of the Tigrense when it seemed that there was going to be an internal one between the camporista minister Eduardo De Pedro and the ambassador Daniel Scioli.

Meanwhile, Cristina Kirchner has not appeared in the campaign for almost a month before the PASO, when on July 17 shared an act with Massa for the 15th anniversary of the renationalization of Aerolíneas Argentinas and they took a photo in the cockpit of an airplane.

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Support of Máximo Kirchner to Sergio Massa

maximum kirchner
Maximum Kirchner.

At the end of May, the benchmark from La Cámpora was part of the large delegation that accompanied the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, on his visit to Chinawhere he assumed a key role in the meetings that the head of the Palacio de Hacienda held to close financial, mining, and energy agreements and the opening of new markets.

In July, the vice president’s son also stated signs of support from Tigrense during the arduous negotiations with the IMF.

“The IMF did not want the pension moratorium, however, we managed to sanction it with Sergio’s support, and today a million Argentine men and women can agree to retire. So, canceling the debt with the Fund as Nestor did, is honoring the efforts of the men and women and achieve independence to design and implement the public policies we need,” the legislator stressed at the time.


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