May God rest his soul in peace.. The strongest forbidden scene in the movie “Resala to the Governor” starring Queen of Temptation, Mona Shalaby, when the scene turned into reality because of what happened and made the audience in amazement!!

Menna got a major role in the series Where Is My Heart, and she played the role of Toha, the daughter of the artist Hassan Hosni and Khairiya Ahmed, who lives a tumultuous life without restrictions. The series was shown on Ramadan, November 6, 2002.

Dubai co-produced it with the Media Production City in Cairo.[8] In the same year, she appeared in a series for security reasons directed by Mohamed Fadel (director), starring Kamal Al-Shennawy and Majed Al-Masry, in which he presented the role of Sahar, the daughter of an arms dealer who has many enemies, and they kidnap the daughter, which leads to a change in her outlook on life after her return to her father.[9]

Menna appeared in 2003 in several works. In the comedy film, Talk to Mama, she played the role of a country girl in a popular neighborhood who falls in love with a young man, but faces the problem of hostility between her mother, played by Abla Kamel, and the father of the young man, played by Hassan Hosni.[10] The movie faced a lot of criticism from critics

Although he achieved a reasonable public presence,[11] With revenues of seven million pounds.[12] The director of the film, Ahmed Awad, had received a request, which he described as strange, from Menna Shalaby’s mother, the actress, Zizi Mustafa, to watch the latest version of his movie, Talk to Mama, to make sure – according to her saying – that it is free of hot scenes, so that her daughter will not be subjected to a wave of sharp criticism, as happened in her charming first movie. .

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