Mayor of Ciénaga threatened vendors: “he was shot”

In the midst of a dispute with the aforementioned informal workers of the city, the mayor “unleashed the threat of a major caliber”, said the newscast, which also specified that these words caused a “great scandal”, that Samper had to reach agreements with the sellers to silence the criticism.

“They eat me a stone, they break my head, I see who it is and I push a shot”, the burgomaster is heard saying in the video that he was also shared by Noticias Caracol, A medium that said that these statements were indeed a threat against those who dared to attack him.

On the news, Samper specified that his words were not directed at Street sellersBut to people who, according to him, were planning an attempt on his life.

“I said it against those individuals enemies of the administration who have been lashing out. There were armed people with large rocks, “said the mayor on the news.

In that medium of communication, the president added that he feared for his safety because the attack he denounced “was going to be a definitive event to end my life.”

Video of the controversial statements of the mayor of Swamp:

Other controversies of Luis Alberto Tete Samper

This is not the first time that the mayor of Swamp, Magdalena, is at the center of the controversy for his actions or statements.

On August 19, the mayor was surprised along with 17 other people at a birthday party in Santa Marta, which was held despite the curfew in force in the city as part of the measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, reported Semana magazine at the time.

Tete Samper He is also remembered for the words he spoke last May regarding the increase in cases of COVID-19 in your city.

“We are going to specify with the funeral homes the bringing of many coffins. We are going to finalize the purchase of a lot to use as a common grave for the dead of COVID-19. We did not want to, but our people have not become aware, “said the mayor then.


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