Mbappé overshadowed Messi

Barcelona – PSG 1-4 (1-1)

The two giants have met eight times in total since 2013 – and most people probably remember the dramatic quarter-final from 2016/17, where Barcelona turned 0-4 in the first match in Paris to a 6-1 victory at Camp Nou.

Now the Spanish giants have to turn around another big loss. And the road seems longer than last – much thanks to three goals by Kylian Mbappé – who warns rivals that PSG are not in their best form yet.

– We have started to get better and better physically. We are still not in our best shape, even though it was very good tonight, but we will continue to improve so that we can deliver such a match again, says Mbappé after the match.

It was a very open and worthwhile match, with a high tempo and great quality – where PSG acted disrespectfully away from home.

Barcelona got off to a flying start before half an hour had elapsed when Frenkie de Jong was fouled in the box. At first it seemed that the contact was minimal and that he stumbled in his own legs, but the replay showed that it was a kick from Lavyin Kurzawa and that the penalty was therefore fair.

Lionel Messi was the safety even from the chalk mark, and hammered the ball high into goal.

See the score here:

Neymar was in no doubt about what he thought about the penalty kick, and wrote the following on Twitter:

“A joke the punishment.”

Afterwards, the PSG star, who is out with injury, deleted the message.

However, it did not take long before PSG got something to cheer for – and it was star striker Kylian Mbappé who took the lead role. Marco Verratti tipped the ball on one touch to the Frenchman, who pulled past his keeper and knocked the ball into goal – a class score.

See the dream score here:

In addition to the goals, both teams had good opportunities in the first half.

After the break, the turnaround operation was complete, and once again it was Mbappé who got the honor of putting in the score after a return in the box.

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And it does not stop there, for a few minutes later, the occasionally insulted Moise Kean stabbed in 3-1 after a perfectly struck free kick.

The striker, who never got it to vote in Everton, buys goals on loan in the French big team.

See the score here:

Five minutes before the end, Mbappé scored his third goal of the evening beautifully, as he turned the ball into the corner from 13 meters.

Only two players have previously scored a hat-trick against Barcelona in the Champions League, according to statistics agency Opta, and that is Faustino Asprilla for Newcastle and Andrij Shevchenko for Dynamo Kiev.

See the score here:

The three-goal loss means that Barcelona must deliver above all expectations in the return settlement on 10 March. We all remember how it went last …

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