MBC News | New Corona Kagoshima Prefecture New 483 people cluster

New Corona Kagoshima Prefecture New 483 people cluster[01/29 17:48]

On the 29th, 483 new cases of new corona infection were announced in Kagoshima prefecture.

Infection was confirmed in a total of 483 people, including 246 people announced by the prefecture and 237 people announced by Kagoshima City. The total number of infected people in the prefecture is 15,506.

The breakdown of 237 people is 230 in the city, 3 in Aira, 1 in Kirishima, 1 in Izumi, 1 in Nishinoomote, and 1 in Yakushima.

The prefecture plans to hold a press conference around 6:30 pm, assuming that a new cluster has been confirmed.

The prefectural infection spread warning standard is currently Level 2. As of the 27th, the number of newly infected people per 100,000 population is 188.45, the number of medical treatments is 216, and the PCR positive rate in the last week is 25%, all of which are equivalent to level 3.

The usage rate of 564 corona beds in the prefecture was 48.8% as of the 27th, an increase of 5 points from the previous day.

The bed usage rate for each medical area was the highest at 78.79% for the 33-bed Kimotsuki, followed by 66.67% for the 9-bed So, 54.84% for the 31-bed flood, and 79-bed Mura / Isa. 51.9%, 38-bed Nansatsu 50%, 30-bed Kawasatsu 46.67%, 231-bed Kagoshima 46.32%, 80-bed Amami 42.5%, 33-bed bear hair It is 33.33%.

The number of people waiting at home was 2,540 as of the 27th, an increase of 325 from the previous day.

By medical area, Kagoshima has 1542 people, Aira / Isa has 530 people, Kawasatsu has 135 people, Minamisatsu and Amami have 94 people, Kimotsuki has 92 people, Soo has 42 people, Izumi has 11 people, and Kumage has 0 people. is.

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