MBC News | There are only a few days left for the Bon holiday… Not only tourist spots and traffic but also PCR tests are crowded

There are only a few days left for the Obon holiday… Not only sightseeing spots and traffic, but also PCR tests are crowded[08/15 19:52]

There are only a few days left of the Obon holiday, and while vacation spots are bustling with visitors and tourists, the U-turn rush is also reaching its peak.

At Kagoshima City Tenmonkan, people were lining up to eat the famous white bear.

(sightseeing from Tokyo)

“I want to bring it back to Tokyo. It’s my first time. Shirokuma is the best.”

“(Q) What did you do in Kagoshima? I went to Ibusuki’s sand bath. That’s nice.”

(Sightseeing from Fukuoka)

“It was delicious. Despite the volume, it was eaten in no time.” “Perfect for a hot day.”

On the observation deck on the 15th floor of the Centerasu Tenmonkan, which opened in April, visitors enjoyed a completely different view of the city.

(Returning from Fukuoka/Aichi)

“I had a great time on my way home after a long absence.”

“I ate ramen, it was delicious.”

(Returning home from Fukuoka)

“I heard that this place was newly opened, so I came here looking forward to it.

On the other hand, the U-turn rush is also reaching its peak.

(children separated from cousins)

“It was fun.

(Returning home from Fukuoka)

“I was able to meet my relatives after a long time, and I was tired from work, so I felt refreshed and healed. It was a good Obon holiday.

According to JR Kyushu, the U-turn peak of the Kyushu Shinkansen was on the 15th, with a maximum load factor of 54% when departing from Kagoshima Chuo Station and a maximum of 110% when departing from Kumamoto Station.

What is increasing with the movement of people is…

(Reporter) “In front of Kagoshima Chuo Station. Many people are queuing up to get a numbered ticket for the PCR test.”

At the free PCR inspection site in front of the central station, about 60 people were lined up about 30 minutes before the numbered tickets were distributed.

(Travel to Fukuoka)

“I had to go outside the prefecture, so I thought I’d take it at that time.”

(Living in Kagoshima City)

“(Q) It’s time for a lot of people to move around, so do you want to be tested?”

The 16th is the end of the Bon Festival, but according to the airline companies, the U-turn rush is expected to continue, such as the congestion of flights is expected.



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