The progressive leader questioned the lack of regional primaries and the absence of a regional perspective in the sector.

In an interview with Radio Bío Bío in Concepción, former presidential candidate Marco Enríquez Ominami referred to the alternatives on the left that are emerging in the polls for next year’s elections.

In the context of a visit to support the closing of the campaign of Jonathan Díaz as a candidate for regional governor in Bío Bío, he harshly questioned Daniel Jadue and also Pamela Jiles. In both cases, for not having promoted primaries throughout Chile in relation to the election of Regional Governors. About Jadue he also spoke of a lack of leadership.

“They do nothing for the unit. How many primaries did he lead in his party. How many communist primaries are there today. None. Bah, how curious. A presidential candidate who does not even lead his party cannot be a presidential candidate, ”he said.

Enríquez Ominami also referred to the initiative promoted by some parliamentarians that seeks to advance the presidential elections, showing himself in favor of shortening the current Piñera government and renewing Congress at the same time.

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