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The Federal Council wants to ask mask sinners to pay. Who is threatened with a fine – and how expensive is it? The answers to the most important questions.

Anyone who does not comply with the mask requirement in Switzerland should be fined. This is what the Federal Council and the cantons want. The most important questions about the latest measures against the coronavirus:

What exactly did the Federal Council decide? The Federal Council has decided to propose amendments to the Covid 19 law to parliament. Among other things, the Federal Council requests an amendment to the Ordinance on Fines Act. Violations, such as violations of the obligation to wear a face mask, should now also be punishable in the administrative fine procedure – as with a parking bus. Parliament will decide on the Federal Council’s decision during the winter session (from November 30th). Fines against mask sinners could therefore be introduced at the beginning of 2021 at the earliest. An optional referendum can be taken against the amended law.

Can’t mask sinners be punished with fines at the moment? No. At the moment, people who violate corona regulations cannot be punished by the police with a fine on site. The police can only initiate criminal proceedings against corona sinners. During the “extraordinary situation” proclaimed by the Federal Council in spring, things were different – the police were able to use the less bureaucratic variant of the regulatory fines. The Federal Council now wants to create this possibility again.

Who can be fined? Anyone who does not adhere to the Federal Council’s Covid measures of October 28, 2020. All people over 12 years of age are obliged to wear a mask – except with a medical certificate. The mask requirement now applies in many places in Switzerland. For example, also in busy pedestrian areas, in markets and wherever the required distance in public space cannot be maintained.

How much will the fine be for mask refusers? According to the Ordinance Fines Act, such a fine may not exceed CHF 300. Anyone who did not comply with the federal regulations during the first corona wave in spring (ban on assemblies) had to expect a fine of 100 francs. However, it becomes more expensive if you violate the isolation and quarantine measures that have been ordered. According to the Epidemics Act, the fines can be up to CHF 5,000 for negligent behavior and up to CHF 10,000 for willful behavior.

Can you be fined if you don’t cover your nose with the mask? Barely. The police always have a margin of discretion and will certainly seek a conversation with the masked sinner first. Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer also pleaded for a sense of proportion at yesterday’s media conference. “Maybe a fine here and there will help, although I do not assume that we will only distribute notes.”

What does the federal government want to achieve with the buses against mask refusers? The buses should make the population aware of the seriousness of the situation. So said Federal Councilor Maurer. It takes discipline. No matter whether you are for or against wearing a mask. «You can want to drive at 140 km / h, but only 120 km / h is allowed. And a mask is a mask. And caution is caution. Whether that fits or not, we’ll keep things tidy, ”said Maurer.

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