Medical Association-Steinhart: “Definitely not a resignation by shouting from a small group of political competitors.”

2023-09-19 16:48:06

Steinhart sees a “transparent political game” and allegations that have no news value

Vienna (OTS) “The demand for my resignation that was made to me again in a press conference today is another episode in a campaign that has been carried out against me by a group of political competitors for months and is intended to cause me to resign as president,” said Medical Association President Johannes Steinhart, commenting on the current demand for resignation by the vice presidents Stefan Ferenci, Erik Huber and Stefan Konrad as well as financial officer Frederic Tömböl.

“Of course I will not comply with the request of this group, which is just playing a transparent game of chamber politics. I was democratically elected president and will of course only accept a democratic vote out of office and not a shout of resignation.”

The main allegations made against him are not new or simply inaccurate, said Steinhart: “The alleged irregularities on the Equip4Ordi shopping platform have been investigated by the public prosecutor’s office for some time, and I of course support these investigations. I am confident that the allegations against me will ultimately disappear into thin air. The constant scandalization efforts of the group that is now once again calling for my resignation are simply intended to add fuel to the fire and rehash what has long been known without providing any new information.”

He trusts the investigative authority that it should be able to carry out its work undisturbed and does not need any partisan and interest-driven calls from outside. He cannot and does not want to take any notice of prejudgments from political competitors and the resulting demands on him.

And the allegations in connection with an extraordinary meeting of the Curia last Friday went in a completely wrong direction, said Steinhart: “Curien chairman Erik Huber was declared biased on certain topics and motions by a total of six factions, completely in accordance with the rules of procedure: he had violated the rules of procedure Numerous important proposals were not allowed to be voted on. After Huber refused to acknowledge this democratic result and leave the meeting room, the representatives of these six factions had to move to another meeting room in order to be able to continue the meeting constructively.

In view of the difficult health policy situation, it would be desirable “for Ferenci to make greater efforts to establish a more constructive basis for discussions with the Viennese hospitals and for better working conditions for the doctors working there, and Huber for a new health insurance contract, which has been overdue since the beginning of the year,” says Rock hard.

Stirring up internal problems within the medical association and then spreading them through the media is always harmful, and in politically difficult times it is simply irresponsible because it weakens the standing of the interest group compared to other players in the health system.

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