“Medical Care for Mining Community in El Callao: Vaccination and Deworming for 350 People”

2023-05-31 20:03:56

Some 350 people were benefited with vaccination and deworming.

Courtesy of Bolívar Government Press | The Asic were present in El Callao

Mining community that lives in El Callao received a day of medical care through the Community Comprehensive Health Areas (Asic).

Some 350 inhabitants of the Belén mining sector were favored with vaccination, nutrition, and deworming, as reported by the Bolívar state government through a press release.

Manuel Maurera, president of the Institute of Public Health of the Bolívar state, highlighted that one of the objectives is to “continue working tirelessly to bring medical care and health services to all the communities of the Orinoco Mining Arc, ensuring the well-being, and the prosperity of its inhabitants.

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