Medical students from the interior of Salta will be able to access provincial scholarships – Salta

It is intended for those medical students of the UNSa, who live 50 kilometers from the Capital. The senator, Marcelo García, highlighted the importance of providing the same opportunities to young people throughout the province.

A Special Scholarship Regime was created for students from Salta in the interior, who study Medicine at the National University of Salta (UNSa).

It was finally approved by the Provincial Senate, and that framework, the legislator, Marcelo Garcia, told Professional FM that per year there are about 500 students in this career, which has been operating since 2015.

He recalled that 9 out of 10 entrants are from the Capital and surrounding departments of the metropolitan area, and that the pandemic showed anomalies and deficiencies in the health system, and one is the lack of doctors in the interior.

The initiative foresees that those who have their domicile at a distance greater than 50 kilometers from the UNSa headquarters, in the city of Salta, will be able to access this scholarship. The amount of the scholarship “must not be less than 40% of the minimum vital and mobile salary” and can be increased as the student advances in the career.

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