Medicine presents report on covid

It can be consulted on the internet.

This weekend, the Faculty of Medicine organized a virtual event, which is on YouTube UANL, in which experts from that faculty participated, to talk about the reality of covid-19. Doctors Adrián Camacho, Uriel Chavarría, David Gómez Almaguer and Guillermo Elizondo presented the topic; presiding over the event are Rector Rogelio Garza and Dr. Edelmiro Pérez.

Dr. Camacho, who is an infectious disease and epidemiologist, pointed out that the evolution of the virus will not be an L, as some mention, nor a V, but it will be a W, that is, there will be gradual relapses, until bring up the vaccine. He showed graphs on the frequency of infection, the characteristics of infections and the support of diagnostic tests.

Dr. Chavarría spoke about lung problems, the characteristics of the virus, its systematic conditions and the need for pulmonary rehabilitation in many patients who are relieved of this pathology. In addition, he insisted on taking care of the indications of the respirators to avoid lung damage.

For his part, Dr. David Gómez Almaguer, hematologist, mentioned the most reproducible treatment: the use of plasma from previously infected patients, since at the beginning of the disease it reduces mortality. Remdesivir was also discussed as something that has been positive and it was mentioned that the rest of the medications do not have strong scientific evidence. Dr. Gómez Almaguer also presented the idea of ​​generating outpatient treatment systems.

Dr. Elizondo mentioned the use of new artificial intelligence technologies for radiological diagnosis, proposing not only the use of CT, but also common radiographs, to make the early diagnosis. He also insisted on being careful with the information on the networks, to avoid confusion and generate misinterpretations.

Descartes: I think, therefore I am … I believe that this meeting, which is on the UANL YouTube channel, should be seen by all those who have an interest in obtaining real scientific information on the pandemic.


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