Meet Lorena Santen: Miss Switzerland 2023, Advocate for Health and Positivity

2023-10-19 02:15:42
Lorena Santen is the representative of Switzerland for the 72nd edition of the Miss Universe contest.

Meet Miss Switzerland 2023, Lorena Santen, Switzerland’s representative to the 72nd edition of Miss Universe, which will air on Saturday, November 18 on Telemundo.

Country of origin: Swiss

Name: Lorena Santen


Age: 26 years

Profession: Business administrator

Curiosities: Graduate in business administration and a decade of experience in a major Swiss bank. Beyond the world of finance, she is a passionate traveler who loves to stay fit and healthy through sports and dance.

Lorena is a dedicated advocate for physical and mental health, and her unwavering commitment to wellness, along with her boundless enthusiasm for life and positivity, drives her to use the Miss Universe platform to motivate, inspire and empower others to to stay healthy and eradicate any stigma around health problems.

What you didn’t know about Miss Switzerland in her words:

I am very proud of always being true to myself, steadfast in upholding my values ​​and allowing positivity to radiate, even in the face of the challenges in my life. If I could have any superpower it would be the power to heal. With this incredible ability, I would strive to bring comfort and relief to those who suffer, whether from physical ailments or emotional wounds. I am inspired by the beauty of diversity in our world, the stories of people who have overcome challenges, and the power of unity. to create positive change.If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be radiant.I am happiest when I travel the world and experience true humanity, beyond borders and limits.I cannot live without spreading love and positivity.

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