Megan Prescott saves her sister’s life

2023-09-22 23:30:06

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Megan Prescott 32-year-old British actress Megan Prescott (“Silent Witness”) saves the life of her twin sister, actress Katherine Prescott (“Finding Carter”)

On September 7, 2021, Katherine Prescott was hit by a cement truck in downtown New York City. The woman had both legs, an arm, and pelvic bones broken. After two months in the hospital, a long period of rehabilitation began. Unfortunately, two years later, the consequences of the road incident backfired – Katherine developed chronic renal failure. The damaged organ will be replaced with Megan Prescott’s kidney.

Together, the sisters starred in the TV series Skins, after which Megan became disillusioned with the profession because she was bullied due to the lack of acting education. She almost did not participate in film projects, taking up bodybuilding.

– The most stressful job I’ve ever had was performing at princess parties. “I was dressed like Cinderella, but because of my developed pecs and biceps, I looked funny,” Megan smiles.

She also became a stripper, although she was worried that this could put an end to her acting career.

– I was a terrible stripper. It’s not easy to perform naked and talk to not very interesting men for 10 hours straight, hats off to the women who are good at this, Megan admits. – As soon as you dance naked, your nerves calm down very quickly. Society makes you feel ashamed of it, but it really isn’t.

During the pandemic, the St. James’s Gaslight bar, owned by English football star Paul Gascoigne’s daughter Bianca, closed, leaving Meghan left hanging.

“I earned much more in striptease than if I cleaned maggots from the bottom of a beer pump, and now I don’t even have money to pay the bills,” Megan complained.

And then, on the advice of a friend, she opened a “naked” page on the Internet.

“It’s not as emotionally draining as working in a strip club, because you don’t have to lead a nightlife, haggle over prices, and people on the Internet are incredibly polite,” Megan is pleased.

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