Meghan Markle once annoyed Queen Elizabeth II because of jewelry


The news of the dispute between Meghan Markle and her husband’s family in the British royal family has long been heard because of the stories that Prince Harry’s husband revealed to the public. However, it has not been revealed previously that he once annoyed Queen Elizabeth II because of the tiara issue.

The tradition of the tiara has existed since the days of the ancient Greek and Roman empires until now. The head jewelry is a symbol of the status of the woman who wears it. No wonder the tiara is commonly worn by royalty, including the British royal family.

In the tradition of the British royal family, a girl descended from the Queen or the new King is allowed to wear a tiara on her wedding day. This is what then became the background of Queen Elizabeth II’s frustration with Meghan Markle, who at that time was still the future wife of Prince Harry.

Collect Yahoo, Royal biographer Andrew Morton said that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had behaved badly. The couple began to test the patience of the palace staff ahead of their wedding day in 2018.

“In November 2018, just days after the couple returned from touring Down Under, The Times reported that Meghan sulked shortly before the wedding because the tiara she wanted to wear was not available,” she wrote.

Before getting married and wearing one of the tiaras belonging to the British royal family, Meghan Markel had the desire to choose which tiara to wear on her wedding day. In fact, royal tradition does not allow this.

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The makeup artist who oversees the royal jewellery, Angela Kelly, also told Prince Harry that Meghan couldn’t decide which tiara to wear. This is because after all, there are already various safety protocols that apply to the jewellery.

Collect British Heritage, Meghan reportedly wants to wear an emerald tiara, Mother. However, Queen Elizabeth has chosen the diamond tiara that her grandmother, Queen Mary, wore in 1932.

According to royal insiders, Queen Elizabeth II is said to have messaged Prince Harry about the jewelry Meghan will wear.

The message was as if the Queen was telling Prince Harry, “Meghan can’t get what she wants. She’s got the tiara I gave her.”

In the end, Meghan Markle wore the Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau on her wedding day to Prince Harry.

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