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Magaly Medina commented on Monday the difficult situation that has been going through Melissa Paredeswho apparently moved into the house of the mother of Rodrigo Cuba to accompany her daughter while she gets used to her new home, after the Ministry of Women determined that she should stay with her paternal grandmother for the duration of the investigations into the case.

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In that sense, the magpie wondered what happened to the relationship between the actress and Anthony Arandawho did not appear on the set of Esto es Guerra two weeks ago, just around the same time that the scandal broke out over the audios of intimate conversations between Melissa and her ex-husband.

“They have not put any restriction measures on her, she has practically imposed her presence in that house… but where is the activating dancer? What happened to his romance? Logically they cannot see each other because she is taking care of her daughter…what will it be, will this be the beginning of the end of the romance? I’m sure we’ll find out later.”commented the host of Magaly Tv La Firme.

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Magaly Medina He used a few minutes of his program again to comment on the recent complaint he made Melissa Paredes to his ex-father-in-law, George Cubafor the crime of psychological violence. According to the police report, Mr. ‘Gato’ called her ‘crazy’ and ‘bad mother’ in front of her granddaughter.

“How do you start yelling at the mother of your granddaughter in that way and in front of the granddaughter, it seems to me an absolute lack of respect. When a person cannot control his impulses, that anger that he carries inside, then he should also be separated from his granddaughter and his ex-daughter-in-law”, limited the magpie.

In that sense, she asked the Ministry of Women to see the case because don ‘Gato’ he can’t lose his temper like that in front of the minor. “We all know that he does not pass Melissa Paredes, but disrespecting him in front of his daughter … at least he should have controlled himself, that is a strong psychological aggression ”, added the host of Magaly Tv La Firme.


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