Melty Blood: Type Lumina – In addition to Dead Apostle Noel, Aoko Aozaki will be released as DLC on January 13th – ntower

Shortly before Christmas, developer Project Lumina announced Dead Apostle Noel, a fighter as DLC for the Beat ’em up Melty Blood: Type Lumina an (we reported). With the 13th January a release date has finally been set and there is another announcement. By Twitter announced Project Lumina with Aoko Aozaki another fighter as DLC, who will climb into the ring on the same day:

There are five magicians in the world and Aoko Aozaki is the descendant of the fifth magician. She is not considered to be the most skilled magician, but when it comes to sheer destructive power, she is unsurpassed in her talents. Aoko Aozaki can, for example, let hot geysers rain down on their opponents – it offers the player a mixture of these traditional Martial arts and Magic.

The following gives a brief impression of her combative and magical talents Trailer:

The fighter Aoko Aozaki will be released, along with a suitable arena and her background story, for free be available to all buyers of the game.

Are you happy about the announcement of the free fighter?


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