Mendoza Pediatric Specialist Crisis: Addressing the Impact of Law 8,727 on Healthcare Professionals and Public Hospitals

2023-12-05 22:43:00

Law 8,727, approved in 2014, prevents any public official or worker dependent on the provincial State from receiving higher salaries than the Governor.

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The decrees, in more specific terms in their text, incorporate into the list of professionals excepted from article 4 of Law 8727 – which establishes a ceiling on remunerations in the Public Administration -, three pediatric therapeutic medical professionals who provide services at Notti; and also to medical professionals who work in the Pediatric Intensive Care and Cardiovascular Recovery service. from the same healthcare center.

The problem of finding pediatric specialists in Mendoza

In Mendoza it is increasingly difficult to find general pediatricians and even more so, pediatricians with some specialization.

The pediatricians crisis is so deepthat he Ministry of Health from the province came out to propose some solutions, not just to get new professionals, but so that those who are already part of the Mendoza health system do not leave.

The thing is that in the last year, more and more pediatric doctors are going to work in Chile, for much more interesting sums than those they charge in the country.

This is what this provision has tried to avoid.

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In the last year, The pediatric wards of public hospitals receive more and more children. This is because, although they may have social work, the The only private pediatric guard that operates 24 hours a day is that of the Spanish Hospital, at least in the urban area.. This has many times had to close at night due to lack of professionals

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For these reasons, People go directly to the hospitals where they know they will be treated. The clearest example is that of Notti.

Regarding intensive therapy and cardiovascular recovery of Notti, they are areas in which it is difficult to find specialists, because no one chooses these areas of medicine.

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