Mental health consultant: Fill your children with every need of knowledge and attention

Dr. Amal Mohsen, a mental health consultant, said that astronomy.. It is a very large science and its details are many, but unfortunately people have limited it to your luck today, and in another science called Tarot, which is also a science, but it is not limited to “divination”, but it is a common word in Arab culture, and we are used to taking from the surface sciences and many people Pretending to trade in people’s weaknesses and needs.

And Dr. Amal Mohsen, a mental health consultant, added, during a telephone interview to the “I Love Radio” program, which is broadcast on “Nagham FM”: A satiate your children with every need of knowledge and attention, and their sense of self, and there are people who fall prey to some sites of quackery, fraud and sorcery, and Once upon a time when addiction was mentioned, the perception was drug addiction, but now addiction includes many things, including social networking sites.

And she concluded, saying Tik Tok is a business process, without specifying the content or who looked up to say what, and ask yourself to resort to those who know why, what did you win and what did you lose?!, and you must know the source of your weakness, what?! And the reason why you fall under the threat of imposture is, either you know the real people of science or psychotherapists.

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