Mental health specialist.. daily habits that accelerate aging

There are early signs of premature aging, such as memory problems, wrinkles, muscle loss, dull skin and fatigue. It is natural to panic when one notices these alarming signs, and resorts to anti-aging products that try to reverse the aging process. Monitoring and correcting our daily habits slows down aging somewhat and adds good years to our lives.

In the following pages, according to the “hindustantimes” website, we review the most prominent daily habits that can speed up the aging process, according to Tim Gray, a mental health specialist.

Sitting all day:

While one may not immediately realize the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, sitting all day over time actually kills us, increases our risk of chronic disease, increases our chances of dying from Covid, and puts us at risk for some cancers, high blood pressure, and obesity. This toxic habit undoubtedly makes us age faster.

Eating unhealthy foods:

Foods that are high in saturated fat, bad cholesterol, sugar and sodium can increase inflammation in the body. Aging is a chronic inflammatory condition and eating unhealthy food can speed it up. Find a better way to deal with stress and stay young for longer.

do not laugh:

If you’re not laughing enough and it’s been a while, download a comedy movie. Not laughing enough can lead to a buildup of stress, which can reduce the ability of your body’s cells to fight infection. Laughter releases feel-good hormones and enhances an overall sense of well-being.

stay inside:

While the pandemic has turned many of us into an “inner person,” it is time to put on those running shoes and do some physical activity. Moreover, staying home all the time can also affect your mental health which can speed up the aging process. .

sleep less:

Don’t over-watch or relax at the cost of making yourself older before it’s time According to a study, just one night of insufficient sleep can make the cells of older adults age well rested to stay young.

No goals:

Lack of direction or motivation in life can make one feel depressed, which speeds up the aging process.

Lots of fake light:

Fake light from smartphones and screens is known to promote aging and reduce longevity according to studies.

Smoking and alcohol:

While you may find temporary happiness and excitement while smoking or drinking alcohol, they actually steal years from your life.

Not reducing environmental pollution:

Exposure to environmental pollution, especially an environment filled with dust and dirt, is linked to premature aging of the skin.

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