Meta Sets Metaverse Social Distancing to Stop Sexual Harassment and Bullying

<匯港通訊> Facebook (fb) parent company Meta Platforms, Inc. (FB) Announced the launch of new tools to prevent people from using the metaverse to bully and sexually harass others.

Vivek Sharma, vice president of Meta, said on the company’s blog website that the new “personal boundary” setting allows users who use virtual reality tools to enter the virtual reality social platform Horizon Worlds or Horizon Venues to stay close to 4 feet with others. of social distancing.

According to Sharma, this move can prevent useful households from encountering inappropriate contact in the metaverse and enjoy the social life of the universe more comfortably. He also said that Meta will consider allowing users to set their own personal boundaries, but temporarily enforce a 4-foot distance. (BC)

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