Mexico already ranks third in aesthetic medicine; its tendency to increase during the pandemic


By: Karla Garcia

Mexico, January 16.- In 2018, the Directorate of Social Communication of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) announced that Mexico had reached third place in the use of aesthetic medicine.

According to these studies, this is due to the new less invasive techniques, and therefore, more accessible.

Options like cryolipolysis, hyaluronic acid, among others, have become popular in recent years.

Hyaluronic acid, approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2003, began to be used as a cosmetic option instead of plastic surgery or other treatments.

This is a polysaccharide that all human beings have naturally, its use became popular for different skin applications or dermal fillers such as mandibular and lip shaping, skin hydration, filling grooves or age marks, or even rhinomodeling.

And it was from the beginning of the pandemic that this type of medicine had a new boom. In Spain, to mention one of many cases, in 2020 2.6 billion euros were spent on aesthetic medicine (El Economista), which grew to 3.585 billion euros in 2021 (El País).

“We did an analysis of the visits we had to and, and there, we realized that the demand for hyaluronic acid has increased since the pandemic.

This is due to the fact that people use digital media and video more for their professional work, which has led them to seek to improve their physical appearance by having less face-to-face contact,” said Matías Maldonado, spokesperson for DANEMED (marketer of hyaluronic acid such as Rejeunesse and Luscious Lips).

This new trend has shown up not only in fillers, but in many new types of cosmetic procedures. Which has been worldwide.

“Rejeunesse and Luscious Lips are two of the examples that have a global reach and that have found an interesting niche in Mexico, which has been reflected in the acceptance by people and their penetration in the medical market,” concluded Maldonado.

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