Mexico exposes corruption networks in contracts and trafficking in human beings

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Mexico’s best financial investigator reported on Friday about corruption and money laundering that thieves, traffickers and politicians have used to hide their wealth.

Santiago Nieto, head of the Mexican financial news division, said a federal judge accepted bribes to rule in favor of Jalisco’s violent cartel, then bought vehicles from a law firm and shipped up to $ 2 million to the U.S.

Another gang stole fuel from state pipelines, set up shipping companies to use the diesel, and benefited from selling fuel to third parties.

Nieto announced that a sex ring has brought 2,000 South American women to prostitution in Mexico over a decade. They used front companies and websites to bill for their services and distribute profits.

He said there was more than $ 100 million in suspicious deposits and transfers to accounts associated with the country’s former head of the state’s oil company.

Nieto said the government’s money went to a network of companies that sent about $ 2 million, and maybe a lot more, to relatives of the country’s former top security officer.

This official, former Minister of Public Security Genaro Garcia Luna, is on trial in the United States for allegedly receiving bribes from the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Nieto said a network of companies had received millions of Mexican government security software contracts and later transferred some of the money through Panama to Garcia Luna, who lives in Miami, Florida, after she left public service in 2012.

Garcia Luna, 51, was charged in New York with three charges of cocaine trafficking and false information. He waived a hearing in Dallas a week after the federal trial was published in New York.

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