México Libre heads INE fines to organizations for anomalies in finances

Regarding these irregularities, the counselor Ciro Murayama stressed that the INE must consider the magnitude of the irregular financing when granting or not registering organizations that seek to be a new party, and stressed that one of the most important findings of the audit is that They detected contributions that did not adhere to the principles of “certainty and transparency”, since they must be financed exclusively with private resources from identified individuals and if not, then it is illegal.

Meanwhile, the president counselor, Lorenzo Cordóva stressed that the sanctions proposed by the Technical Control Unit are a mechanism or a way to go against opacity and any conduct that seeks to circumvent the law.

“This is part of the process that the National Electoral Institute is conducting in its final stretch to determine whether or not there will be new political parties, and if there are, how many of them met legal requirements. It is true that sanctions are being imposed today, but these Sanctions are not, let’s put it that way, the end of the assessment that this Institute will have to make “, explained the counselor.

Lorenzo Cordóva stressed that the process of constitution of new political parties in this new cycle began in February 2019 and although it should have culminated towards the end of June of this year, the sanitary conditions derived from the COVID-19 pandemic forced the INE to suspend terms and temporarily interrupt some activities and procedures.

In a statement, the INE detailed that the amount of the fines correspond to those proposed in the draft agreement; however, they could be modified if a variation in the sanction emerges from the increases ordered by the General Council.


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