Mía: The Viral Bachata by Urban Artist Yailin ft. Cattleya – A Heartwarming Video and Musical Tribute

2023-09-24 21:54:58

The urban artist Yailin The Most Viral He surprised his followers this Sunday with the launch of the bachata titled “Mía”, dedicated to his little daughter Cattleyaalong with a moving video starring both of them.

The audiovisual, which already has thousands of views, shows intimate moments of his personal life, which includes welcoming Cattleya to the world as it looks today.

It’s the first time that Yailin make a video musical where she shows her daughter, the result of her relationship with singer Anuel AA.

One of the highlights is when you see Yailin at the hospital, in a delivery gown and excited to welcome Cattleya to the world. The camera captured her expression of joy and anticipation.

“I feel that you are only mine, mine, mine; only mine, mine. There is no one else that I love like you. Pretty on the outside, pretty on the inside, you are just like me,” says part of the new bachata “Mía.”

The video also shows the paternal side, since his partner, Tekashi 69, who appears sharing moments with Cattleya and he is even seen helping to decorate the room for the audiovisual of the new theme of Yailinplacing bears on the walls and white balloons.

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