Mica Viciconte revealed Nicole Neumann’s spicy reaction when they crossed paths: “I was going to greet her and I was left with my fist”

Mica Viciconte revealed that Nicole Neumann he denied the greeting at their last family gathering. In dialogue with Intruders, the couple of Fabian Cubero He told the spicy reaction that the model had when he wanted to greet her in the middle of the celebration of the communion of Allegra cubero.

“We asked him if he would have tea or coffee with you and he said no, would you do it?” Combat, who replied: “My answer to that was the opposite, I fix things indoors, I don’t throw shit for others. That answer was not very kind.”.

Then, since the issuance of America They also asked him if they greeted each other with Nicole at the last family event. “Yes, I was going to greet her and I was left with the fist. I was sitting and I was going to greet her of course, I greeted her partner, her super loving family, all but good. I saw her, I threw her fist and she put the fist in her pocket ”, Viciconte sentenced.


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