Michael Jackson posthumously disfigured – was the “King of Pop” really missing his nose when he died?

There are numerous rumors surrounding the life and death of Michael Jackson. The ‘King of Pop’ is said to have missed his nose when he died – a witness reports.

Los Angeles – When the death of Michael Jackson († 50) became public in June 2009, mourned millions of shocked fans around the world for the ‘King of Pop’. But although the circumstances surrounding his death have been dealt with in court, there are still numerous rumors about the life and death of the exceptional musician. So the pop star is supposed to be in the morgue made a gruesome picture: A witness reports that the US entertainer was missing his distinctive nose after his departure.

As the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson achieved the status of a musical legend – privately, however, even after his death there are still numerous rumors about the American

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Michael Jackson: ‘King of Pop’ disfigured – musicians in the morgue without a nose?

Even during his lifetime, the nose of superstar Michael Jackson regularly made headlines. According to his own statements, the ‘King of Pop’ only went under the knife twice – However, experts and insiders assume up to 20 cosmetic surgeries. The main reason for the interventions was – besides a broken nose in 1979 – the heartfelt desire to look different from his father Joseph ‘Joe’ Jackson († 89), who was the musician Repeatedly harassed, tortured and exploited since childhood should have. However, Michael Jackson took the knowledge of the actual background of his operations with him to the grave.

Nonetheless, the pop legend’s nose has always been part of hair-raising speculations: like the British tabloid Mirror reported, the numerous beauty interventions on Michael Jackson’s face are said to be leave irreparable damage to have. The ‘King of Pop’ therefore had various prostheses to hide his deformed nose area. This claim is also consistent with the statements of various witnesseswho got to see the superstar again after his death.

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Michael Jackson: Was the ‘King of Pop’ wearing a prosthesis – witness statements bring clarity

“The prosthesis that he normally attached to his damaged nose was missing, giving a glimpse of the cartilage tissue that was a small, black hole surrounded, free, “said a witness after Michael Jackson’s death. The Austrian film producer Rudi Dolezal (62), on the other hand, revealed in the New York Post that the ‘King of Pop’ was already suffering from serious problems due to his appearance while filming his Dangerous World Tour in 1992. The entertainer refused to be in front of the camera on days when he did not appear because he “No nose on these days” should have had.

Various doctors, including well-known cosmetic surgeons, now assume that the ‘King of Pop’ his nose – or what was left of it – due to several operations forever destroyed. Adrian McManus, who was Michael Jackson’s housekeeper for many years, told Rolling Stone that the US musician had “A vessel full of false noses and skin glue” obsessed. Some of his prostheses are said to have looked very similar to his original nose. This story proves once again that behind the facade of the world star there was actually a fragile, insecure man.

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