Microsoft Discontinues WordPad after 28 Years: Use MS Word and Notepad Instead

2023-09-03 21:57:00

The word processor ‘WordPad’, which was basically included in the Windows operating system of Microsoft (MS), disappears in 28 years. According to a notice on the Microsoft website, WordPad is no longer being updated and will be removed in a future product release. MS said, “It is recommended to use ‘MS Word’ for formatted text documents such as ‘.doc’ or ‘.rtf’ and Windows Notepad for plain text documents such as ‘.txt’.” The intention is to use Notepad when writing simple texts and ‘MS Word’ when writing formal documents. MS has been providing Wordpad as a default since ‘Windows 95’ released in 1995, but since 2020, it has been classified as an optional feature and users can delete it if they want. Microsoft did not clarify the exact reason for removing WordPad this time, but foreign media pointed out that it may be because the usefulness of this function has recently decreased. MS has recently announced that it will upgrade by adding features such as ‘auto save’ to the Notepad program. Instead of getting rid of Wordpad, which is not widely used, it is interpreted as an intention to improve the function of Notepad and induce the purchase of a paid word program for document work. (Photo = Wordpad screen capture, Yonhap News)

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