Microsoft’s plans for the future of Xbox include a “hybrid gaming platform” in the next generation

2023-09-19 10:34:54

Microsoft has among its plans for the future of its gaming equipment a new console in which it would bet on hybrid gaming to offer new experiences and greater immersion, initially planned for 2028.

The investigation in the United States into the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft has revealed the technology giant’s roadmap with its gaming devices, since along with the update of its Xbox Series X console it is also working on the generational change, scheduled for 2028.

The internal documents, to which The Verge has had access and has shared, speak of a “hybrid gaming platform” that can offer greater immersion and new gaming experiences, as the company has expressed in a presentation, dated May 2022.

These plans then required new investments and decisions in areas such as processors, including graphics and neural, for which AMD appears to have; but also in graphic innovation and in an operating system (Thin OS), which required an external device, with a price of about 99 dollars.

This proposal is not the only one that Microsoft has in its hands, according to the documents provided by The Verge. Before, in 2024, an Xbox Series X update would arrive, with a cylindrical design and no disk drive, for digital gaming, and with 2TB of storage.

These plans also include a second, cheaper console with 1TB capacity, and a new controller designed for cloud gaming.

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