Milei met with Musk in Texas and they agreed to hold an event together in Argentina on technology and economic growth

Miami.-Javier Milei and Elon Musk met at the Tesla plant in Austin (Texas) to ratify the personal and ideological harmony they exhibited in the successive contacts they had on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

The conclave showed the coincidences of the president and the powerful businessman regarding the importance of free markets, the progress of countries, the need to end bureaucratic obstacles, the development of technology and the need to preserve the rules of game.

“There was chemistry. It was love at first sight,” Gerardo Werthein, designated ambassador to the United States, who participated in the meeting between Milei and Musk, summarized to Infobae.

The meeting lasted eighty minutes and the Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Milei, participated alongside Milei and Werthein; the designated ambassador to Israel, Simon Wahnish, and businessman Pato Fucks, a personal friend of the president.

-It is a great pleasure for me. Is incredible. Thank you for everything you do for the world,” Milei told Musk when she met him in his Tesla office.

-It’s an honor to meet you too. Welcome,” Musk responded.

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Milei had Musk holding his hand when he introduced him to Karina Milei, Secretary General of the Presidency.

“This is my sister Karina, the boss,” Milei added.

A minute later, led by Musk, the entire delegation moved to a sector of the factory to take the photos that are included in this Infobae note and have already been posted on all social networks.

Musk had a meeting scheduled in Los Angeles when his meeting with Milei in Texas was closed. For this reason, the owner of Tesla did not participate in the tour that the official delegation took of the electric vehicle factory that was built in Austin in just 14 months.

Milei was impressed by the industrial facilities that ended up in Texas to avoid the bureaucratic obstacles imposed by the state of California.

In the eighty minutes of conclave, Milei and Musk agreed on the need to maintain the freedom of the markets and avoid State regulations. The president and the owner of the house shared the idea of ​​progress versus state bureaucracy, and highlighted the need to support the development of technology to further advance global society.

“The idea is that there is an event in Argentina about demographics, technology and economic growth, which would be starred by Milei and Musk,” Werthein commented to Infobae.

This conference between the head of state and the Australian businessman demonstrates the empathy between the two. There is no precise date yet, but it would happen during this year. “Musk wants to come to the country, he committed,” Werthein concluded.

During the meeting, Musk explained the political pressure that Lula da Silva is exerting on the social network X. Milei knew the situation and made herself available. That is to say: if Musk wants, he could move X’s facilities in Brazil to Argentina.

Musk also owns Tesla, an electric vehicle company that runs on lithium batteries. Argentina has one of the main lithium reserves in the world, but has not yet been able to create value on that mining potential. It only exports – there are Chinese and United States companies – and Milei’s intention is to have the batteries manufactured in the country to have added value.

It is a possible and complex project. The battery factory must be close to the automotive plant, and this implies a strong investment that allows for the design of a supply chain that unites the extraction of lithium, its transportation, the manufacturing of batteries and, finally, the assembly of the electric vehicle.

Milei proposed this development strategy linked to lithium and electric vehicles, and Musk was inclined to the presidential idea. Now it will be Ambassador Werthein’s turn, who will follow the agenda with the managers assigned by Musk to advance an investment plan that would change the business logic in Argentina.

Milei made a whirlwind trip to Austin that capped her US tour. The president deepened his relationship with Musk, which showed his willingness to help Argentina with its businesses linked to social networks, satellite communications and the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

“For an exciting and inspiring future,” Elon Musk posted on X, after his meeting with Milei.Infobae-

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