Military exercises followed by China; Conducting a ‘trial’ to capture Taiwan? | China Extends Military Exercises Near Taiwan

Beijing: Despite the end of the holidays, China has not stopped the military exercises in the Taiwan Sea. After four days of the previously announced move, China has announced a new move to line up Taiwan. Rumors are growing that the military exercise is part of the complete capture of the island in the coming days.

Hundreds of aircraft and drones belonging to China’s Eastern Theater Command have crossed the airspace and returned to Taiwan these days. China also fired 11 short-range missiles. Tests of long-range missiles were also reported. As the first phase of the military exercise was about to end on Sunday, 10 warplanes of the two countries came face to face over the water.

The suspicion that China’s military action on Taiwan is imminent came after the air and naval forces conducted similar exercises on Sunday after announcing military exercises again. China’s new announcement that regular military exercises will be held in the following days.

Taiwan is an island nation that China claims is its own, although it split into two after a civil war in 1949. China has launched its biggest military drills in decades after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi returned from a visit despite dire warnings. On the other hand, space limitations do not allow Taiwan to even practice.

As the crisis worsened, Taiwan sought help from the international community.

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