Military Hospital staff will go to support the Regional Hospital of Antofagasta after collapse by covid | National

He North Military Hospital (HMN), based in the city of Antofagasta, reported that they will temporarily close their Emergency service because the personnel assigned to that area will come in support of the Regional Hospital, due to the collapse due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Through a statement, the health center announced on Wednesday afternoon that the measure was requested by the Antofagasta Health Service and will be in force until further notice.

“The Health Service of this region has required the North Military Hospital attend, as soon as possible, with the maximum of its available personnel in support of the Regional Hospital of Antofagasta, as a way to face, in the most efficient way possible, the high demand that it is having due to this pandemic situation “, it reads in the text.

Therefore, they add, “the temporary closure of the HMN Emergency Service has been arranged for which, Those institutional personnel and in agreement that require to attend this service, must do so at the Regional Hospital of this city, starting at 08:00 hours next Saturday, January 23 ”.

Along the same lines, authorities decided transfer 16 patients from the Regional Hospital to capital cities, due to the fact that 100% of the occupation of critical beds arranged in the area was reached.

It is a situation that has been repeated in other regions of the north and south of the country, in the middle of the second wave of infections by covid-19 that our country faces.


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