“Million-Dollar Robbery in Rosario: Armed Criminals Steal Money in Broad Daylight”

2023-06-01 00:06:25

The criminals locked up another vehicle, threatened it with weapons and took the loot. A few blocks away they abandoned the car with which they carried out the coup.

A million-dollar robbery occurred this Wednesday afternoon in the heart of Rosario, when armed criminals intercepted a man who was traveling in a van and stole a backpack with a large sum of money that was not specified.

The episode occurred in Balcarce at 800, between Córdoba and Rioja, shortly before 2:30 p.m. A black Toyota Corolla enclosed a truck and two armed criminals got out, while two others waited above the car. Witnesses indicated that the thugs hit the victim’s vehicle and yelled at him: “You screwed us up.”

Without getting out of the car, the man gave them a backpack with money and the criminals fled in the Corolla, which they abandoned a few blocks away, in Moreno and San Juan, to finish escaping in another van that was waiting for them there. Police personnel found a weapon, clothing and items in the car that could contribute to the investigation.

2023-05-31 corolla robo 2 at_leodelga2.jpg

The car had a seizure request for having been stolen and had an adulterated license plate.

“From what was being said, he came from collecting this money, it is not known if they had been following him,” a neighbor told El Tres, adding that the criminals “came down two with a weapon each, the man locked himself in the car and the screams began, until he handed them the backpack.

He also assured that the assailants “said something like: “You screwed us up.”

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