Millonarios 2024 Update: New Signings and Departures Revealed

2023-12-11 11:40:17

Although he had a good season during 2023, Millionaires He is beginning to look at alternatives for the tournaments he will play next season, where the Copa Libertadores stands out, which is one of the objectives not only of the coaching staff but also of the club’s board of directors.

After having the objectives set for next year, Millonarios is already looking at different players who could arrive at the club by 2024, causing several names to begin to approach the team offices and it is even beginning to be rumored that there would already be advanced discussions with several athletes .

Yerson Candelo would reach Millonarios

According to María Chavarro, a journalist from ESPN, the Millonarios management would already have advanced discussions with Yerson Candelo and could be announced in the coming days, while the management continues with the task of hiring Danovis Banguero, who is one of the express orders of Alberto Gamero.

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“Some of Millionaires. Apparently they signed Yerson Candelo yesterday (…) Fernando Uribe, Elvis Perlaza and Moreno are confirmed (NOT Juanito until now)” added the journalist on her Twitter account.

It is worth mentioning that on different occasions, Yerson Candelo has openly expressed his desire to wear the colors of Millonarios, since before he left for Ecuador, the winger was one of the alternatives of the Bogotá directives, but a difference with the owner of His pass prevented the defense from arriving in Bogotá.

Millionaire Exits for 2024

While the directives continue to search for players for 2024, was able to learn that there are several players who would leave the ambassadorial awnings. The first of them is Fernando Uribe, who announced his retirement from professional soccer a few days ago and would be the first loss of Millonarios for 2024.

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Other players who would not continue in Millonarios are Elvis Perlaza and Juan Moreno, who ran out of his contract with the Bogotá team and apparently would not be renewed. However, currently the boards are still studying the possibility of extending the bond between both players, as they are fundamental pieces for Alberto Gamero’s process.

Furthermore, one of the players who would not continue in Millonarios is Juan David Torres, a young player, who apparently did not convince Alberto Gamero and for this reason he would not be renewed, becoming the second confirmed departure of the Bogotá team for 2024.

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