Millonarios Transfer News: Coach Reveals Aggressive Pursuit of Luxury Reinforcements for 2024 Season

2023-12-13 15:27:13

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The coach revealed that for the first time they are going aggressively to get luxury reinforcements.

Gamero in Millionaires training
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December 13, 2023, 10:27 a.m. m.

Millonarios is on the market and, for the first time, with the aggressiveness required to seek all possible titles in 2024.

This was admitted by coach Alberto Gamero, who identified the positions that are urgent for him and celebrated: “Since I have been at Millonarios, it is the first time that I have seen the board of directors willing to hire. We spoke with the players, but they don’t know. “It has made it easy for us. What I have always said, I don’t want to bring in players for the sake of bringing in players, I want to bring in some who will give us a hand and who want to compete,” he said in a conversation with Antena 2.

What exactly are you looking for? First, a goalkeeper who would be Diego Novoa: “Yes, we wanted to have another goalkeeper in the squad as a little more experience. The name of Novoa is a person who knows Bogotá, the height and is a goalkeeper who can give us a hand in certain moment,” said the DT.

Precisely on the subject of the goal, Gamero regretted the departure of Juan Moreno and explained it this way: “The businessman knew that a new goalkeeper was coming and it seems that he did not like it, so he will possibly go elsewhere.”

Another vacant and urgent position is the number 9, after the retirement of Fernando Uribe: “We are working on that, we will bring a ‘9’. We know that in these finals we needed a goal, so we are looking for something to complement the work” .

Finally, the right back, specifically the case of Elvis Perlaza, is being worked on like this: “I wanted him to remain in the team. He is a player who has made mistakes, but also many successes. If we are going to bring in a right back and there is chances of Perlaza going to another team, it will be done.”

Regarding the need for central defenders as a replacement for Vargas and Llinás, for a left back, for another winger, all positions that require reinforcements with the Copa Libertadores in mind, he did not give more details. As the DT states, he does not want quantity but quality.

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