Minecraft: an awesome mod turns the game into Super Mario 64

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Without a doubt, the creativity and talents of the modding community know no bounds. As proof of the above we have the case of a talented player who decided to merge the worlds of Super Mario 64 and Minecraft in the same mod, which resulted in a project that looks very promising.

Specifically, the user pdxdylan turned to his twitter account to present the first advance of his mod that allows running the engine of Super Mario 64 in the popular Mojang sandbox. Although it is still a project under construction, we can already see how the Nintendo plumber interacts with the environments.

The modification is much more than a simple skin, because Mario can use in Minecraft the movements that you used for the first time on the Nintendo 64 platform. Also, the animations are exactly the same, as well as the audio clips.

Will the Minecraft mod be available?

pdxdylan said in a follow-up tweet that he didn’t expect his video to get a ton of attention from the community any time soon. As of this writing, it has more than 89,000 likes and 871,800 views.

Unfortunately, he cannot promise that the mod will be available for download once its development is complete. The reason for the latter is to avoid claims by Nintendo, as we must remember that the Japanese company has a policy of little tolerance with fan projects.

But tell us, what do you think of this project? Would you like to play it? Let us read you in the comments.

On this link you will find more information about Minecraft, while here you can read the latest news from Super Mario 64.

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