Minister Jackson before requests for resignation: “It has not crossed my mind”

The Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres), Giorgio Jackson, ruled out the possibility of resigning from his position, after the summons of the opposition after the Comptroller General of the Republic pointed out that the Secretary of State “did not adjust to the disregard” that his public office requires in the face of the September 4 plebiscite.

In a conversation with T13, the head of Segpres assured that “it hasn’t crossed his mind” give up, despite the questions he received from all the opposition parties.

“The truth is that we have so much work to do, so many challenges ahead, that it has not crossed my mind, y the President has at least given me his full support in the tasks that have to be carried out and we do not have a minute to lose in the challenges that Chile is waiting for”, emphasized Jackson.

The Comptroller’s Office attended a communication presented by DC deputy Eric Aedo, who accused Jackson of making a call to the parties related to the government to present proposals to coordinate eventual improvements to the new Constitution in case he won the Approval on September 4.

The Comptroller’s Office stated verbatim in its opinion: “In this way, the manner and the opportunity in which the Minister Secretary General of the Presidency made the aforementioned communication, although they are framed within the functions that correspond to that Secretary of State, did not adjust to the necessary prescindence that is required in the face of the plebiscite, therefore, that authority must bear in mind the considerations set forth above in the exercise of its functions, hereinafter.”

The head of the Segpres expressed that his calls in the press they addressed all the political parties, including those for Rejection, to present their ideas of what to do from the day after the plebiscite that will define whether Chile will have a new Constitution or not.

In this regard, he finally pointed out that “we, collecting what the Comptroller indicates, have said it multiple times and We have extended the invitation to all sectorswe have literally said ‘wherever they come from’, at Segpres we are going to be open to all proposals, which is what corresponds to us”.

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