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Minister Verlinden open to debate on fireworks sale ban

Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) wishes to debate a general ban on the sale of fireworks to individuals, she indicated on Wednesday in the House committee, in response to questions from Patrick Dewael (Open Vld), Sigrid Goethals (N-VA) and Bart Moyaers (Vooruit).

Several cities and towns ban the use of fireworks on their territory, but this provision was little or little observed on New Year’s Eve. According to many mayors, such a ban is almost impossible to enforce, because it would almost surprise people lighting the fireworks. In addition, these are available over the counter in Belgium.

On Wednesday afternoon, Minister Verlinden was questioned on this subject in the House Interior Committee. Selling fireworks is a competence of the Minister of the Economy, she said, but she said she was open to debate, which she said should take place in the House. “We clearly have to think about it. Fireworks cause too much damage to people, animals and infrastructure every year.

For Patrick Dewael, a European approach could also be interesting. Indeed, many Dutch people come to buy their fireworks on the other side of the border, in Belgium, because they can no longer buy them at home.

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