Ministry of Defense reports three attacks on the security forces during the elections; two arrests for electoral crimes | Presidential

More than 39 million Colombians are summoned to the polls this Sunday to elect the next president of a country that calls for changes and that arrives at the polls divided between left and right options after a campaign marked by allegations of alleged fraud, attacks and espionage.

The electoral roll is made up of 39,002,239 citizens, but since abstention in the country is usually close to 50%, it is expected that some 20 million Colombians will vote in the 12,263 posts installed throughout the country by the Registryentity that organizes the elections and that as a result of the failures it had in the legislative elections of March 13 has been the target of numerous criticisms.

The Registrar’s Office began last week to distribute electoral material throughout the country and in the large voting centers, such as Corferias, in Bogotáworkers finalized this Saturday the assembly to receive tens of thousands of voters tomorrow.

Of the six candidates, only three have a real chance, according to polls of voting intentions: Gustavo Petro, of the Historical Pact; the rightist Federico Fico Gutierrez, Team for Colombia Fico, and Rodolfo Hernandezof the Anti-Corruption Governors League.

To win Petro, would lift the left to power for the first time in Colombia, a possibility that scares many. However, given the division of the electorate, It is highly likely that a second round will be necessary on June 19 between the two most voted this Sunday.

The polling stations will open at 8:00 in the morning and will close at 4:00 in the afternoon, and it is estimated that two hours later there will be consolidated results that will allow to know if Colombians will finally have to return to the polls three weeks later.

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